While the prominent public figures in the forefront of right-wing scene are naturally in the focus of our project, the team members are bound in the course of their research to come across many middle- and lower-ranking members of right-wing organizations and perhaps some right-wingers of local importance, not necessarily with party affiliation. To capitalize on this, one of the project goals is to create a database with the names of such people engaged in right-wing politics in Serbia and the information available about them. The aim is to include as many names as possible in order to create a valuable tool for further research, especially inquiry into the grassroots of right-wing political activism. This database will be a collaborative effort to which all the participants of the project will contribute their entries. It will be open access to the benefit of the interested scholars and wider public.

The database will be launched and become fully operative towards the end of the project (in the summer of 2022).