Dragan Bakić, Dušan Fundić and Rastko Lompar at the annual COMFAS conference

On 3–4 December 2021, the associates of the Institute of Balkan Studies SASA took part in the annual convention of The International Association for Comparative Fascist Studies – COMFAS called “Historical Fascism as a Global System: Alliances, Interactions, and Entanglements.” The Institute’s staff members presented some of the results of their work on the PROMIS project “The Serbian Right-Wing Parties and Intellectuals in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, 1934-1941” financed by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia. The project leader, senior research associate Dragan Bakić, delivered a presentation titled “In the Shadow of Axis: Freemasons and Right-Wing Radicalisation of the Authoritarian Kingdom of Yugoslavia, 1939-1941.” Dušan Fundić, research associate, presented a contribution titled “National Minorities and Political Radicalization in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (1940).” Rastko Lompar, research assistant, gave a talk about “Transnational anticommunism in action – Serbs at the Vinnytsia massacre site in 1943.”

The program of the convention is available at: http://comfas.org/COMFAS-Convention/